The long term vision of Adaaran Resorts is built on the foundation of sustainability – therefore, the strategies and operations that support our short, medium and long term goals are inextricably bound to principles of sustainable and responsible business.
The Aitken Spence Group has in place a sustainability framework, from which all subsidiaries including Adaaran Resorts derives our sustainability stewardship and structure.At Adaaran Resorts, we’re committed to making a difference in the communities where our guests, associates and stakeholders live and work.  Through our Sustainability Program, we’ve worked diligently to minimize the environmental impact our hotels and resorts have on our planet.We understand that, to be truly sustainable, we must also focus our efforts on social and economic development. This holistic approach is the basis of our Sustainability Program.
By creating an organization-wide culture that is ingrained in sustainability and responsibility, we hope to inspire the individual members of our team and the multiple stakeholders we work with, to become catalysts of change – in their communities, their businesses and beyondTo ensure we accomplish our goals, we have Sustainability Teams in place at each of our properties. Please join us to ensure sustainability for all.