Corporate Responsibilities 

Company & values

The family origin of our Company is the essence of our culture and values. These define our identity and guide our behaviour based on criteria of excellence, sustainability and responsibility. They are also fundamental drivers of our response to our public commitments.

Corporate responsibility at Meliá

Corporate Responsibility is the backbone of our business strategy and a fundamental support for a responsible and sustainable hotel model that is able to increase the positive impact of our activity on our environment.
The United Nations 2030 Agenda is our guiding light as we move towards a more responsible tourism model and face major global challenges such as climate change, environmental protection and improvements in education and equality, among others.

Ethics & human rights

Meliá Hotels International is very much aware of the major impact of tourism on the economy and social development of destinations. The Company advocates an ethical and responsible business model which respects and defends human rights.
We are therefore partners in the United Nations Global Compact, the Guiding Principles of which promote sustainable business management.
We have also assumed public commitments in different areas that further enhance our corporate responsibility:
  • ECPAT. First Spanish travel company to sign the Code to work for children and their rights (2006)
  • FTSE4Good Ibex. First travel company to join the international benchmark for investors (2008)
  • Global Tourism Code of Ethics of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (2011)
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) acknowledges us as one of the leading companies in the fight against global warming and a best practice in the hotel industry (2011)
  • IUF, International Union of workers in the hotel and restaurant industry, among others, regarding workers’ rights and following recommendations from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) (2012)
  • "As a Company, we aim to contribute to the common good through strong social commitments and corporate values rooted in more than 60 years of history"
  • World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) with which we join efforts to guarantee the responsible growth of the industry and the balance between people, the planet and profits (2017)
  • Members of the Cluster on Climate Change of Forética (2017)
  • Members of the Cluster on Transparency, Good Governance and Integrity of Forética (2017)
  • Corporate Responsibility and Anticorruption Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) (2017)

Responsible product and supplies

In 2018 we published our first Code of Ethics for Suppliers to enhance the responsible management of our supply chain. The Code promotes relationships with suppliers based on shared commitments in areas such as the defence of human rights, legal compliance, labour rights, health and safety at work and respect for the environment, among others.
We also continue to make progress in the use of sustainable products and attributes in our brands and hotels, supporting the development of a more responsible business model and also responding to greater demand from society for products and services that respect the environment.

Enviromental Commitment 

Environment & tourism

Combatting climate change is one of the biggest challenges on the international public agenda and a priority for the tourism industry. Meliá promotes a responsible management model that guarantees the protection of destinations and fulfilment of our environmental commitments.
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Environmental strategy

Our commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement has led to the definition of specific medium-term environmental objectives related to combatting climate change. Innovation and technology are the drivers behind an efficient management system designed to reduce the use of natural resources and our environmental footprint, along with the support of strategic allies and experts who help us achieve our commitments.
The areas in which we are working today are the following:
  • We incorporate sustainability criteria throughout the supply chain, beginning with the hotel concept and design
  • We are committed to using certified sources of renewable energy, standardising efficient management systems and implementing systems that reduce water use
  • We reduce or eliminate high-impact waste from the ecosystem. Constant collaboration with leading experts allow us to move towards a circular economy model
  • We measure and control consumption through tools, indicators and scientific criteria (Science Based Target Organization – SBTI)
  • We promote training and raising the awareness of our customers and employees through programmes focused on respect for the environment and biodiversity
For more information regarding our commitment against climate change aligned with the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations, download the following document:​

Certified responsible hotel management

We work with the most important international certification organizations that are backed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and specialise in sustainable tourism models.
Their endorsement reinforces the consistency of our commitment and approach, encouraging constant improvement and progress.

Contribution to 2030 agenda

We monitor energy and water use on a daily basis to ensure responsible consumption and use innovative technology to achieve our objectives. We aim to reduce water use per stay by 8% to 2020
We increasingly use green energy or certified renewable energy to ensure that 70% of our energy supply is environmentally friendly by 2020
We encourage the selective collection, safe management and recycling of waste to reduce its environmental impact, with a special focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to achieve selective waste collection levels of 50% in our hotels
We have certified that our energy and emissions management system complies with our Environmental Policy, our energy commitments and the standards required by ISO 50001

Social commitment 

Social positioning

We want to help reduce social differences and move towards a more just and equitable society. To this end we are accompanied by partners who share our commitments, values and objectives, multiplying the impact of our activities through partnership.
"We understand the social challenges that surrounds us and want to play a key role for its improvement"


Enhancing internal talent, generating new opportunities for growth and developing new skills in a changing digital environment are part of the Meliá employer brand promise.
We work with leading organisations such as La Caixa Foundation (the “Incorpora” Programme) and the Accenture Foundation (“Together for Employment of the most vulnerable”) on projects designed to enhance employability and the workplace integration of people at risk of exclusion, offering them opportunities for the future and sharing our knowledge and know-how.​

Children & society

Over many years we have formed a firm commitment to children, placing them at the heart of our social positioning.
The sexual exploitation of children is a scourge in many travel destinations and its causes are linked to poverty and the lack of appropriate education.
After signing up to the ECPAT Code, we are proud of our role in mobilising other travel companies to share the goal of ensuring the tourism industry helps protect children.
Since 2011, we have been working with UNICEF to spread its message about protecting children's rights and other projects to raise awareness in the industry and society as a whole.
"We want to help provide children with opportunities for the future, especially in those countries where their rights are not guaranteed"
This alliance is stronger than ever and is open to all our stakeholders, with whom we share not only a message, but also a chance for employees, customers and suppliers to get involved in the alliance.
The link with local communities that is built through all our hotels drives numerous projects.
We respect and promote the culture, traditions and values of communities of which we form a part. We do this because we believe we are responsible for transmitting the essence of the destinations in which we operate to our customers.

Contribution to 2030 agenda

We support projects that allow training and learning in a real work environment so people at risk have a chance to prepare for the future in an inclusive hotel environment
Projects are gender equal, and we believe that travel is a tool that can be used to enhance the development of talent
We offer job opportunities to contribute to the social and financial prosperity of destinations, providing professional training and opportunities for talent to thrive, regardless of origin
We firmly believe that travel is a powerful driver of the development of the communities in which we work and the reduction in social inequality


Confidence and solvency

Throughout our history we have built a strong corporate reputation that is now an essential asset and key driver of growth. Our reputation reinforces our corporate values, our solvency and our solidity as a Company.
"We understand trust as the backbone of a reliable and ethical business model"

Relationship with stakeholders

Dialogue with our stakeholders and the incorporation of their expectations in our business decisions are a fundamental part of our corporate responsibility model.
We use different types of institutional presence and relationships to learn more about their interests strengthen our public commitments and enhance the positive impact of our activity on each of them.

Materiality analysis

To better understand our stakeholders’ expectations, we regularly carry out a materiality analysis involving a group of experts, influencers, customers, social organisations, analysts and Company employees and senior executives. This analysis helps us identify the most relevant issues that concern our stakeholders on both a global and regional level so that we can make them part of our strategy and operations.
"Sharing thoughts and ideas enriches our strategy and business model"

Management of intangibles

National and international monitoring bodies certify our responsible management and behaviour, reinforcing our corporate reputation in different areas and acting as a framework for continuous improvement.
Since 2017, we have also been pioneers in constant monitoring of our Reputational Net Promoter Score as seen by one of our most important stakeholders, our guests.
"Ethics, responsibility, transparency and reputation are the essence of our governance"