Green travel; What is it?

Green Travel, Sustainable Travel and Eco Travel.

All of these terms can be defined as informed consumer choices that will minimize or reduce the environmental impact caused by travelling.

On some occasions, this may include carbon offsetting by investing in green energy projects.

It may also mean going the extra mile by protecting nature or giving back to local communities.

Green and sustainable travel essentially means making more conscious choices with the aim of reducing the environmental impact on the planet.leave-no-trace-footsteps-green-travel

Isn’t “green travel” an oxymoron given the emissions impact of travel?

It's true that green or sustainable travel is not a perfect solution.

A study determined that between 2009 – 2013, tourism was responsible for 8% of greenhouse gas global emissions. Many people believe that if you really care about the planet you should stop travelling altogether.

It’s a good argument, but there are some issues with this.

(Besides that, we deeply love travel and there is just something so indescribably unique about the experience of travel. Not to mention, the positive effects that it can have on our minds, bodies & souls) that many developing communities are dependent upon tourism for their economic stability and growth. Particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic, these communities have suffered more than most. We must consider the ethical impact, that removing this source of revenue would have, on the lives of these individuals.